Project Insight Alternative School is an alternative approach to education for those junior/senior high students who have behavioral problems that interfere with their learning in the traditional school setting.

The basic curriculum of Project Insight offers opportunities for:

Individualized academic instruction, small group instruction, counseling, social skills training, special interest mini-courses, community learning experience, and community work experience. Field trips are also offered which students may be required to attend.

Mission Statement:

Project Insight Alternative School, in cooperation with parents and community, will provide the educational and social opportunities for students to aquire skills, knowledge, and a sense or responsibility in a safe educational environment that will prepare them to become contributing members of society.


Admission to Project Insight Alternative School begins with an initial referral made by the home school, parent or other agency. A multidisciplinary staff conference will be held to determine the student's eligibility for special education services followed by the development of an individual educational plan (IEP) to determine proper placement.

Staff Listing