9/24/07 Today is test-day!! Why does Mr. Egler test us when he knows we don't like it? Because he cares that much. To risk being unpopular in order to do the right thing  is a sign of munificent maturity. Give Mr. Egler a pat on the back!
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9/27/07 - Okay, now we need to start generating our own graphic content. Yes, it's fun to troll the internet for cool pictures and movie clips and then simply paste them into your own page, but as we talked about, that's not only lame but it's also known as "copyright infringement" in a lot of cases. So we will download some free graphic editing software which will allow us to generate and modify our own images. Then we'll be further on our way to being cool. Do a Google search for "GIMP". On your first result, click on the "for windows>automated installer>download then you need to download the runtime installer as well as the gimp file. Then await further tutelage.
ok we need to start making our links a little more attractive. Thus we we will start using downloadable picture-style buttons. Like this:
Eventually we will begin using Flash-based navigation buttons, as seen below. Those are super-cool. (a good many  of you on Windows machines might not see the Flash buttons displayed. And even if you were to try to download Adobe's Flash player you will find that a download is blocked by Windows. That's because Windows is truly an evil empire who refuse to play nice with anyone else.) But for now, we will have to remain moderately cool. Patience, Grasshopper.
Hull Rotterdam
Van Rotterdam naar Hull zeer goedkoop.
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View geographic locations connected to satellite images
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Hotelvught ligt net buiten Den Bosch langs de A2.
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Monumenten in Gent
Weekendje naar Gent? Kijk dan eerst welke monumenten er zijn!
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12/10/07 - I must assess your progress! That's a lot of 'esses' and a whole lot of fun! Click here for that test.