You need to create a page identical to this - with the exception of this box and the text inside - Follow the steps below if you need help.
1) create a new WebDwarf document. At the top of the document where it says "index", name it "testpage1". When you save this document save it as "testpage1"
2) Using Title tool create title object and type in "Test Page 1". Place and stretch object across the top of the page.
3) In your web browser, right click on picture to the left. Save image as "SOR" to your Pictures folder.
4) Back in WebDwarf, use the Add a Picture tool to add the picture "SOR" to this page. Resize it so that it is similar to this picture. Remember to hold down the Ctrl key to maintain picture proportion.
5) Use the Text tool to create text object. Type in "Assess this, Mr. Egler" Use Broadway font at 16 pts. Any color you want. Place as shown.
6)In your web browser, scroll down to veiw the ugly dogs movie. In the lower right hand corner of the movie frame, click on the "watch on youtube" hot link. On the YouTube page, copy the "Embed" code using either right click copy, or Ctrl c. Back in your WebDwarf document, Use the Code tool to create a code object. Paste the embed code here using either right click paste or Ctrl v.
7) create a link back to your index page using copy/paste method . name it "back to index page".
8) Save WebDwarf document. Publish.
9) Open your index page in WebDwarf. Create a text object - make text that reads "link to test page 1". Insert a link to testpage1. Publish index page.
10) Last but not least, all of you need to access every other web design class student's page and leave a message on their message board. Be nice!

Assess this, Mr. Egler!
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