GIMP Tutorial

1) Right click on pictures
and select "save as" or
"save image as". Save
to your local folder or
your pictures folder.


2) Open GIMP

3) Goto File>Open and navigate to the "interview.chair36b" picture

4) Select the "Crop" tool from your toolbox (the icon looks like an Exacto knife). While holding down your left mouse button, Draw a rectangle around the figure leaving out the feet and floor. Now click your left mouse button. This should crop the pic. If you didn't get it right, hit Ctrl Z and start again.

5) Now for export. Goto File>Export. It should look like this with .jpg as an extension. Click "Export" and GIMP will ask you if you want to replace the original file. Click "Replace"

6) Goto File>Open and navigate to the "studio-background" picture.

7) Goto File>Open As Layers and navigate to the cropped "interview.chair36b" picture

8) Mouse over the Layers-Brushes tool panel and left click on it. Make sure "Add Alpha Channel" is selected

9) Use the Fuzzy Select Tool to select some of the green background.

10) Hold down the Shift key and keep selecting all the green areas you see.

11) Hit your "Delete" key and the selected area should disappear.

Hit Ctrl/Shift/A to de-select the area and select your Eraser tool.
You will use this to erase any stray green parts on the layer. You can adjust the size of your eraser by double clicking on the Eraser tool icon.

12) Use your Move tool to position the layer about like so.


With this two-layer picture file you need to save as a GIMP document NOT a .jpg. GIMP will give the option to save as a multi-layer file. If you go to File>Save it gives you the option to save as a .xcf file or a .gzip. These will allow you to re-open your file with multiple layers intact. You can also select "Export As" then in the lower left-hand of the Export Image dialog box, click "Select File-Type" and select gzip archive. Click Export.

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