Please goto
login with the user name and password I've provided you, similar to what you see below.
You may be asked to select an "avatar" (onscreen icon that accompanies your username). You may need to use your "page down" key on your keyboard to get to the "SAVE" button at the bottom of the page. Do you recognize the type of button? I know I do. Once you hit "save"  you'll be taken to a page called your "Dashboard"
In the upper right corner of your Khan Academy Dashboard page you should see your user name and avatar and next to that a little bell icon. Click that and you should see an invite from your coach (that's me) to join the Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation.
Click "Start this Mission"
Please notice the "Home" tab next to the bell icon and your user name. You will use this to get back to your dashboard and resume where you left off on any given task or  mission.
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