Notepad/FTP Tutorial

#1) To start a page on Notepad for Windows, go to start/programs/accessories/notepad. A window will pop up like this:

#2) Basic HTML commands are enclosed with <> symbols. And every command has to have a start command (i.e. <title>) and an end command (i.e. </title>) with a forward slash.

#3) Type in this example HTML code into Notepad exactly as it appears below:

#4) Take a breather for a sec and create a folder on your desktop and name it as your first name.

#5) Right click on the picture below and click "Save Image As". Save to the folder you just created.

#6) Go back to your notepad document. Click on the "x" in the upper right hand corner of Notepad. A screen will come up asking you if you want to save the changes, choose yes.

#7) After you choose yes, that you want to save the changes, this screen comes up. Name your file "index.html" , and then click "save":

#8) Save the document in the folder that you created. You can repeat this process with other pages, for example aboutme.html, funstuff.html etc. You can link the pages together using the instructions to be given later.

#9) Double click into your folder and double click your new HTML document. It will open with your default browser. It should look like this:

Congratulations! You just created a web page from scratch! Keep in mind that this page is NOT on the internet, it resides only on your desktop. We will learn how to publish HTML files to a server using FTP (File Transfer Protocall) later.


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