Notepad Tutorial Continued

#1) Double click your index.html file in your folder. It will open with your default browser. If you haven't already, make Firefox your default browser. Internet Explorer kinda sucks IMHO. Your page should look like the picture below. Go to "View" and select "Page Source" as shown.
#2) This will pull up another Browser window like the one below. Look familiar? Select all the text by either dragging your cursor over the text or hitting CTRL "A" on the keyboard. Then copy the text by either right click>copy or hitting CTRL "C" on the keyboard.
#3) Open a new (blank) Notepad document. Paste your text into document by either right clicking>paste, or hitting CTRL "V" on keyboard. Once pasted in document, modify the text in the title, header and paragraphs as shown. Also modify the text inside the quotations next to alt= Please be appropriate :)
#4) Save your Notepad document as "page2.html" into your folder. Double click your new html document. Marvel at your own genius.
For those of you finished early, click here to go to the super-cool web site I created for my band. Click around and please notice that all the links work and how beautiful it is in its symmetry and function. Also everything is spelled correctly. This is important for a cool web site. Trust me.

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