WebDwarf FTP (File Transfer Protocall)


Step 1): Clicking on the Publisher tool will bring up this Command Box. Make sure to select options as shown below. Don't change the Local Publish Directory. It should default to:


DO NOT hit Publish yet. Click on the FTP tab and advance to next step.

Step 2): Copy this text in bold by highlighting, right click "copy"


Paste into Remote Publish Directory - change "Egler" to your first name, starting with a capital letter. Be sure to type in Host Name and User Name. I will supply the password. The above folder hierarchy is where all your HTML, pictures and ojects will be stored on the remote server from here on out.

Note: this is the path where all your WebDwarf published content is saved:

C:/Program Files/Virtual Mechanics/IMS Web Dwarf V2/MySite


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