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Hi, I'm Mr. Egler. I like stuff. And also things. I love to blather on about important things like science, cosmology, philosophy, art and the meaning of life, while my students interrupt me with topics like farting, television and that awful music they listen to. Here's a picture of me and my truck.

I also have tons more pictures, videos and other web content strewn across the world wide web. You can search for my virtual coolness by clicking here.

Here's a picture of my son Henry with the guitar we kidnapped from Donny. Hahaha!

Tasks, duh

Ferry van Hull Rotterdam
Voordelige overtochten vanuit Rotterdam naar Hull.
Click here to visit
Kaarten landen wereldwijd
Wil je weten waar je vakantie bestemming ligt?
Click here to visit
Hotel Vught
Hotelvught beschikt over 125 kamers met ruime balkons.
Click here to visit
Musea in Gent
Op zoek naar museums in Gent? U vindt hier meer informatie.
Click here to visit


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