Mage Tales
Part 1: The Ying - Yang Stories

After three years Dustin and Carmon try to move on after Kate's death. They move to the city in the sea called Wave's Town. They moved into the north tower of the Golden Castle. They have the whole tower to themselves except one person named Calder, who is a witchdoctor. He and his mom, Tia Dalma AKA Calypso live in the tower's bottom apartment. Dustin and Calder soon became the best of friends. Dustin didn't know about his new powers other than his angel wings and his golden aura. Calder had helped Dustin discover and use his new powers. Dustin helped Calder choose his weapon.  Calder chose a spear made of emerald. His nails which are made of ruby's he can shrink or stretch at will. Together Dustin and Calder soon found out that they can fuse into each other. When they were fused their mind, body, and soul are as one being. Their name in that form is Sugilite. Their weapon is a halberd made form a combination of a spear, a battle fan, and rubies.

One day Dustin and Calder a watching TV in Dustin's room. Dustin was sitting on his bed and Calder was looking at the bookcase when Dustin said "I don't know why that bookcase is there but it was here when we moved in!" then Calder picked up a book called "the magical arts for beginners." Just then the bookcase opens to a big room with an altar in the center of the room. And a bookcase full of different spell books some for weather, some for love, and some for time, etc. It also had a second floor with an alchemy station in the second floor window. This room itself is twice the size of the whole apartment.

The mage tales
By: Justin lee DeWitt

Dustin and Kate had their mother Carmon was hypnotized and kidnaped by Anna and Sara.
Dustin, a calm, cool and collected sixteen year old boy that is skilled in the art of magic and a master of the battle fan together they make the most powerful mage ever.
Kate, a hotheaded thirteen year old, is skilled in the art of controlling the lost souls of the dead and able to shapeshift and able to mimic anyone's voice.
Carmon, an elemental sorceress, has power over the elements of fire, wind earth, water, light, darkness, and energy.

Dustin and Kate and Carmon were at a spa after school to relax after a long a hard day doing work. Kate and Carmon were getting a seaweed wrap. Dustin was getting a pedicure. Kate went to sleep had a dream of her mother was being taken away. When she awoke she found out her dream had come true. She found her brother and told him what happened to their mother.
They go to the backdoor of the spa, when they go through the door they find out that the door and the spa has vanished. They walk around through to find themselves in a miniature village with fairies living there. They ask the fairies if they saw their mother. They were told to go the elder fairy. In the town's center lies an old red wood tree where the elder fairy her name was hazel and she was the queen of the fairies. She was the size of an twelve year old with long blue hair, golden eyes that were piercing like an owls on the hunt she looked like a mix of native Indian and Swedish with a pair of wings made of pure energy, a strapless top and long skirt made from rainbow lily's in her hair was a rainbow lily that she took out of her hair then the flower transformed into a scythe made of light. She said she can control wind and psi energy.

Dustin and Kate asked Hazel if she'd seen their mother she said yes but they had just missed her by twenty minutes. She said the other people were too powerful for the two of them she offered to come with them they agreed. Hazel said that she would show them the way to the hidden grove to get more help. They fallowed hazel to the grove to find a tall man with very long blond hair sitting along the side of the pond then hazel hollered "FARO". Faro turns his head Dustin and Kate were surprised to see faro's eyes they were the color of amethysts and his tail was the same color. Faro said that they have to find some merkelp; merkelp will transform the person who eats it into a mer whenever they want to.
They dived into the lake to find the merkelp cave.
Dustin, faro, hazel, and Kate take three hours to find the merkelp cave, hazel Dustin and Kate look inside the cave and in the back of the cave they find the merkelp they eat the merkelp transform into one of the mer swim to the bottom of the pond in the grove find the underwater base, but when they get their the evil twins tried to kill both Kate and Dustin yet they only got Kate.
When Dustin held Kate's lifeless body a blinding light appeared showering Dustin in light giving Dustin wings, a golden aura and nine new powers. Dustin freezes the evil twins then destroys them for good.
Dustin's new powers are: to fore see the future, to fuse with another person, to temporarily control the mind, summon barriers, weapon morphing, hydrokinsis, crynokinsis, pyrokinsis.  

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