1) You are in a band with 3 other people. Your band gets $650 for a show. Your booking agent takes 10% off the top. And since you provided the P.A., you charge the other 3 guys a total of 60 bucks for use after you split the money evenly. How much is your cut?________How much does every other man get?_______________
2) You want to insert eight measures of a guitar solo starting at measure 49. At what measure will your guitar solo end?
3) Audio delay effects are measured in milliseconds (1,000ms=1second). Music tempo is measured in Beats Per Minute (BPM). If a quarter note delay at a tempo of 120 BPM is a half second long and a quarter note delay at 60 BPM is a one second, how long is a quarter note delay at 90 BPM?
4) You are running stage set-up and sound for a festival show consisting of three bands playing back to back. The show starts at 6pm and ends at 12am. The bands are each scheduled to play two 45 minute sets with a 15 min break in between sets. Assuming the bands stick to their schedule and that the first band is set up at show start, how long do you have for set up between bands?
5) Who would win in a fight?
A pterodactyl with chainsaws for feet or a great white shark with handgrenades for teeth? Explain your answer:

6) Most music videos synchronize scene changes to the beat of the music. Knowing that 60,000/BPM=time in milliseconds*, and that you want your band's video to change scenes every 4 beats (1 measure), how many scene changes will there be if your song has a tempo of 120BPM and is 2 minutes 40 seconds long?

*BPM=Beats Per Minute

7) Drum samples are often triggered with a keyboard via MIDI. Many of them are also velocity sensitive, that is, if you hit the keyboard note hard (a high velocity), the sampler plays back a sample of a drummer actually hitting a kick drum harder. Play the note softer (a low velocity) and the sampler plays back a different sample of the drummer barely tapping the kick. There are usually about 6 different samples of a single kick drum, each played back at different keyboard velocities.
You are compiling a group of Kick Drum samples from a friend's library. They are velocity sensitive with 5 different velocity variations and you want all 5. You can set the value of any MIDI note from number zero (0) to number 127, with 127 being the "loudest". 63 would be "half-way loud" and 0 would be "off". To get the 5 different sample velocities, you need 5 different MIDI notes of EQUAL INTERVAL to go from soft to loud. You make the loudest note 127 and the softest note 63.
What are the values of the other three notes?

8) Which kicks the most butt? (check one)
other (specify)______
Your band has a gig in Chicago, 220 miles away. The show starts at 9pm and it usually takes an hour to set up gear. The band bus leaves at 3pm from Macomb. You and the bass player and drummer leave two hours later in a limo going the same route. At 6pm you get a call from Shecky The Band Bus Driver saying the bus has just broken down. Assuming a 60mph speed limit for everybody, can you make it to the gig on time if you stop and spend a half an hour picking up Shecky and the stage instruments?
If not, how fast will you have to travel to get to the gig at 9pm?
Write your answers down on a piece of notebook paper. Tie the paper to a helium-filled ballon. Whisper to the ballon: "Float on the wings of Rock majesty, to the enchanted hilltop castle of Mr. Egler. Shamma Lamma Ding-Dong!" Release balloon. Wait.