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You can receive extra credit by filling out an evaluation form.  Click on the picture below to view a printable evaluation form, or pick up an evaluation form from your teacher.

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You can obtain extra credit by completing one of the two options below:

  1. Visit at least three different websites. Complete an evaluation form for two of the sites you liked best.

  2. Some websites are very large and are subdivided into different areas.  An example of this is Brainpop. At a site like Brainpop, visit three different topic sites, or view three different movies.  Complete an evaluation form for two areas  within Brainpop. Ask your teacher if you have any questions.


PowerPoint Slideshow

Waves, Sound and Hearing Great to help with homework or review for quizzes and tests. Check it out. Includes hotlink sites and interactivity and animations.

Transverse and Longitudinal Sites:

What Are Waves? - BiteSize - compares transverse vs. longitudinal waves - excellent site - interactive and includes a "test bite" - This site is a must.
 Longitudinal and Transverse Waves - wave animation demonstrated with text information.
Waves - interactive - adjust frequency, wavelength and visualize effect of changes.
Waves and Wavelike Motion - includes text combined with simple animations as you read through the text - includes hotlinks to further information related to different types of wave. Great graphics and easy to understand text.
Zoom for Kids - check this out for many different science topics. Lots to offer too much to list! Visit this site. Play a tune with a glass xylophone.
Transverse and Longitudinal Waves Comparison - great animated graphic including text information.
Compares transverse and Longitudinal waves - animated graphics and simple text.
Compares transverse and Longitudinal waves - interactive and animated graphics; visualizes the differences very well.
Quia - on line concentration game of characteristics of waves.
Measuring Waves -Brainpop -interactive - teaches about types of waves and parts of waves such as wavelength, amplitude, and frequency - as usual a great site! This is a subscription site but offers a two week free trial.
Sound Waves Sites:
NASA Sound - The NASA science files.
Music and Sound - Brainpop -interactive - learn about cds, mp3, stereos. As usual a great site! This is a subscription site but offers a two week free trial.
Sound, Seismic and Ultrasound - BiteSize - contains good information -but not much in the way of interactivity until you get to the quiz section.
Interactive Piano - see waves as you play Play a Piano/Synthesizer/ Oscilloscope. Play the piano using your mouse or your computer's keyboard. As you play the piano, you'll see the wave forms as well as hear them. The piano can also play a song for you, while you watch too.
Tuning Fork - wave animations demonstrating waves formed from tuning forks.
Energy In The Air:  How Sound Is Made - good visuals and hot links to define underlined words - hotlink available to the orchestra instruments.
The Soundry - interactively learn about sound, self-paced, some of the applets make take time to load but be patient.
Radio Transmission - interactive - change the frequency and watch how sound travels from you and comes out and is heard out of a radio. Interactive! Check it out!
Resonance - good site with text, visuals, analogies.
Vibration,Waves,Sound -excellent site; includes great graphics and interactivity
Decibel information - text and great graphics; includes additional links to visit.
An interactive introduction to the orchestra - Conjunction is an educational tool, as well as a 16 minute work for symphony orchestra and school choir. In Conjunction, the students sing with the orchestra, and this means that they have to rehearse the piece beforehand, usually in class with their music teacher, accompanied by an orchestral recording.

The Doppler Effect sites:

Moving Targets - In this site follow animations that describe how the Doppler Effect helps astronomers determine whether stars are moving toward or away from Earth, and at what speed. (Flash plug-in required; non-Flash version available.) The Doppler effect and much much more! - Interactive! Fantastic graphics, sound and text to teach you all about the Doppler effect, speed of sound and light waves and much more. You need shockwave. Check out this site!
Doppler effect - good graphic, no animation, no sound.
Doppler effect - demonstrates the Doppler effect with an ambulance; no sound but great visual.
Doppler effect - can adjust slider to make changes and observe difference.
Series of animations exploring the Doppler effect.
Doppler ball - quicktime movie; : A buzzer and battery are in a tennis ball at the end of a long string. Whirl the buzzer in a horizontal circle over your head. Point out the difference in sound between the moving and stationary buzzer.

Hearing Sites:

Hearing - Brainpop -interactive - teaches about types of hearing and parts of the ear - as usual a great site! This is a subscription site but offers a two week free trial.
How the ear works - quicktime movie - great video and animation. A must visit! Perfect!
Hearing and Hair Cells - good graphics and with labeling and text information.
Wired for Sound. How coclear implants work - good graphics with labeling and text information.
  Hearing Slide Show and much more - A good slide show about hearing and the ear.
Hearing Damage and Loud Music - How loud is too loud; describes what happens good information.
What is noise and hearing loss - audio and text - good site.
Hearing and Hair Cells - good text and graphics; visit links at end of article for further information.
Anatomy of the ear - slide show style - actual photos not just sketches of anatomy of ear.
Sensitivity of the ear - great graphic.
How we hear - great graphic with captions describing how hearing happens.
How the ear works - includes an animation version and a static graphic with labels.
Kids Corner How the ear works - includes text, animation; makes use of WindowsMedia Player.

Ear and Hearing Quizzes:
Ear Diagram Quiz - labeled parts need to be identified - online interaction.
Ear EM Spec Quiz Front Page
Ear EM Spec Quiz Back Page
Ear Diagram Quiz
Noise Pollution Quiz
Sound quiz - glencoe can be checked online.
Quia - on line quiz.

Alternative Sound Instruments Sites:

Singing Glasses - create a concert with water and glasses. Interactive! Try it for lots of fun.
Learn How to Make a Water Trombone - at home experiment! Interactive! Try it for fun.
Tunes and Spoons - Play Mary Had A Little Lamb or create your own tune with water and bottles - interactive - lots of fun. Follow directions to download shockwave if necessary.
  Music Inventions - After studying how sound is made and after examining simple musical instruments, students are assigned the project of creating their own musical instrument.
How can you make a wine glass sing? - includes explanation and quick time video.
Science Explorer - making an "ear guitar" - hands on activity
Interactive site -Harmonic Series on a Vibrating String by Phil Tulga
Candemonium - hands on activity practice the concept of longer and shorter tubes.
Play a Piano / Synthesizer / Oscilloscope
Play the piano using your mouse or your computer's keyboard.
As you play the piano, you'll see the wave forms as well as hear them.
The piano can also play a song for you, while you watch.

Sonar and Sonic Booms Sites, etc.:

"Sonic Boom," Learn the basics behind a sonic boom. (No plug-in required.) Faster than Sound - Sonic Boom Basics - easy to understand facts with great photos - interactive quiz questions with links to additional information.
Faster than Sound - the men that made it happen! Listen to them!
Submarines, Secrets, and Spies- Online Activity In "Sounds Underwater," answer 10 true/false questions about sound and water. (No plug-in required.)
See Inside a Nuclear Submarine - virtual tour! never before inside look at the submarine.
Click on topic:
PowerPoint Slideshow
Transverse and Longitudinal Sites
Sound Waves Sites
The Doppler Effect Sites
Hearing Sites
Ear and Hearing Quizzes
Alternative Sound Instruments Sites
Sonar and Sonic Booms Sites, etc.
Music and Resonance Sites
Sound & Waves, March, 2004. Mrs. Squillace and Miss Leparulo's students are treated to a special father and son presentation teaching about sound waves, the Doppler effect, and much more. Click here to view slideshow.
Music and Resonance Sites:
Music Physics - gives basic information in text format about vibration, frequency, pitch, resonance, etc. Simple to understand but no frills.
Music and Resonance - makes it simple to understand! Good site.
Resonance - Tiling Analogy - comparing tiling with resonance - helps it make sense.
Resonance and Resonating tubes - good text and graphics.
Standing Waves on a violin - interactive - shows effect of wave.
Biosonar - Seeing with Sound -Young science students can be introduced to the hidden world of biological sonar by this on-line interactive resource. A must visit.
Animal bioacoustics , often called simply bioacoustics, is the study of sound in non-human animals.
The Bioacoustics Research Team site devoted to animal communication - communication in noise, information transfer, and much more.
The Bioacoustics Research Program - (BRP) develops and applies new techniques for recording and analyzing animal sounds. Algorithms, computer software, and equipment developed at BRP are used by scientists around the world to study animal communication and to monitor the health of wildlife populations. BRP has developed Raven and Canary, software programs used to visualize, edit, and measure animal sounds. BRP is also pioneering new techniques for censusing and tracking wildlife with arrays of microphones placed in natural environments around the globe.
Listening to nature Across California - This site is an exploration of the natural sounds of California - great sounds!
Wild Sanctuary -Alligators and crocodiles produce very low frequency roars and rumbles, some of which lie below the range of human hearing. Other animals are available you can take a nature safari and listen to each animal.

Wave Phenomena Longitudinal Waves, Transverse Waves and Waves of Mixed Type -great animated graphics comparing wave motion.

Interactive Sound Activities - worth exploring the different links at this site. Subscription site but offers free trial.

Explore Sound and Wave Activities - site used for frequency.  Very interactive, shows a longitudinal wave and you can change frequency and a number of other options. Subscription site but offers free trial.

Science of Sounds - A Hands-On Activity based site.


Compilation of YouTube videos, both bizzarre and enlightening


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